Client Reviews

It’s very, very nice to have the worry gone. You did a tremendous job on my behalf in court and I am very happy you took my case. Thank you again!
Andy V. -

It was a pleasure meeting the both of you. I absolutely LOVED Ray--what a terrific, 'down to earth' and funny guy! I left feeling confident about his advice. Colleen H. -

I wish to thank EVERYONE for EVERYTHING. I don't know how to say thank you for something like this except thank you for believing my son and his innocence.

Thank you, Ray, for suggesting my son stay in school. He has his Associates Degree now. Of course he is going for a Bachelor degree. He is doing AMAZING.

Thank you! Kelly M. -

I would like to thank Ray and the firm for the excellent job they did as my criminal defense team. This crime was a deviation away from my normal character and you played a critical role in helping me maintain my focus through the trial process while getting therapy. My criminal charges were very shameful and you NEVER looked down on me during visits and in most cases supported me so I could survive the long legal process. The emotion and legal obstacles were overwhelming and you always seemed to know the right answer. The experience you brought to the table is what makes you and your team the BEST. The reputation you have built in Michigan is something to be proud of. Glen G. -

I cannot express the gratitude I have for Ray and his team greatly enough. Simply put, they saved my life. I've had different legal teams represent me over the years and none are in comparison to Ray's team. I was fortunate enough to have Ray represent me himself. Ray shows compassion and made sure I fully understood everything that was happening before proceeding to the next step. I deeply admired how Mr. Cassar would call to check in with me throughout the case to make sure I was doing okay. The Law Offices of Raymond A. Cassar are a team that care about their clients and deliver on their plan of action. Charlie K -

I am so deeply thankful for the steadfast guidance Ray and his staff had provided to our family. It is often thought that the profession of lawyers is less than noble.that is NOT the case with Ray. The person and compassion out first and foremost. The law can be complicated and Ray navigated us through it with dignity. If you are in need of legal guidance -- and want to work with honest trustworthy professionals call on Ray and his staff. Deb D -

I was lucky enough to have Ray personally handle my case. The experience was exceptional. He did more than I could even have imagined in helping me get results that were better than I could of anticipated. On a personal level he always checked in, stayed in touch and showed a genuine caring that is often not show between attorneys and their clients. I always felt like my best interests were his concerns and it wasn't about the check he was receiving. Ray Cassar was so instrumental in helping me get my life in order. For that I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much Ray! Dave C -

I was referred to this firm from a friend, who said she was very happy with her results. She also told me that they were very friendly and cared about how she was doing even after her case was resolved. I sought out their legal services for a relative and I was very satisfied, also. I would highly recommend this firm to others! Karen S -

Raymond Cassar, his staff, and his reputation really speak for themselves. I've personally experienced his results. The office's makeup consists of incredibly bright individuals who go over and beyond any ordinary professional/legal obligation or standard of care. It is wise to have listed - Law Offices of Raymond Cassar, as the "attorney-of-record" when ANY judge in Metro-Detroit looks down at YOUR file in Court! Rob Z -

Raymond A. Cassar is a brilliant Attorney. I was able to shadow Ray while in action. He is an amazing attorney who really cares about his clients as well as the system itself. Ray was very informative to both myself as a law student, and the family of the person whom he represented. I would recommend anyone who has a criminal issue to go to Ray. He will fight for you in every way possible. Katie S -

Representation for DUI and Misdemeanors
Ray represented my son three different times and also for violations to probation within the last two years. He is a totally amazing lawyer who truly cares about his clients! I would recommend him to anyone. We believe he is one of the most talented lawyers in Michigan, and probably in the US. A Client -

Choose Ray Cassar
While in the lowest point of my life, God placed Ray into my path. During the initial consultation, both my wife & myself knew that Ray would be in our corner. He didn't sugarcoat anything, so we knew what we were up against, but he also offered encouragement and advice. Ray's team is very professional and knowledgeable.

What a blessing it was to walk into court behind my lawyer, Ray Cassar. He knows EVERYBODY and everybody knows him. He fought for me and gave me a new direction in life. Ray and his team will forever be on our Christmas card list. Jericho -

More than an excellent attorney
When my daughter was charged with her impaired driving offense, we were referred to Ray by a friend. We initially met with him at this office for a consultation. Since this was her first offense, we were extremely concerned an uninformed. Ray spent a great deal of time explaining the process and giving us our options. We hired him right away and felt it was the best decision we made. Ray and his office staff are very professional and handle all calls and inquiries with the utmost urgency. Through this process, I felt we were in very good hands. He is not only a great attorney; he is a kind and compassionate man. He not only gave my daughter legal advice but gave her encouragement to focus on her future. Ray Cassar negotiated the best possible outcome for my daughter. We feel we were very lucky to have been referred to Ray and would highly recommend him to anyone facing such legal issues. A Client -

If you want competent representation with exceptional work ethic, this is your guy!
I whole heartedly recommend Ray to anyone who is in need of legal representation. He not only works for you, he cares about you. He did exceptional work for us, even with multiple probation violations, and we are so happy we picked Ray! Heather -

Amazing Human Being
Being young not a lot of people think I am serious or seem to care what I have to say but right from the second I met Ray he treated me like I was his own child. Never before have I met a man that cared about what he did more than Ray. He walked me through the whole process and even took the time to call on occasion to see how I was doing and ask if I had any worries which he would promptly take care of and explain how to get through them or any stress I experienced in the case. Right from the get go he told me what I need to do and started creating a game plan to get to where we needed to be and told me how everyone was looking after assessing it all. After everything was said and done we had received exactly what we were hoping. This man is undeniably the best lawyer one can possibly hire. If you want someone serious with experience who genuinely cares for his clients and wants to see then succeed and will stop at nothing to do that then this is your guy! I would VERY HIGHLY recommend him and his team. Your amazing Ray! Danny -

Fantastic Lawyer and Amazing Person
I had never been through any legal process and Ray was incredible from the start. I was terrified to even tell him my situation and he was compassionate, kind and encouraging - always letting me know he was there for me and to help me. He has a phenomenal knowledge of the law. When I had to appear in court, he knew how to properly navigate me through the process and I was always prepared for what information was to come next. I had the best possible outcome and it's all due to Raymond Cassar. Jennifer -

Incredible man
Ray assisted my son and I in February 2015.From the first moment we met him we loved him! He is so kind and straight to the point. He truly understands human nature and tells you exactly what you need to do. He cares about what happens through every single step of the process. You do not feel like you won't know what to do or what to say. He knows the court system, and will stand up and defend you like you are his own family. His knowledge, charisma and kindness are very apparent and seem to be recognized by all involved. Our case turned out even better than we expected, and that was due to his legal excellence and skill. I am so impressed and highly recommend him to anyone in need of a lawyer. A Client -

The best choice I made during a stressful time
After incurring a first time legal incident involving a DUI, I was lost and unsure of where to turn. A close friend recommended that I contact Ray and speak with him about my situation. I am so very grateful that I did. Ray took the time to review my case in detail, even before I retained him as my attorney. I immediately felt better after speaking with him and his staff.

Ray truly cares about his clients, which make a huge difference during such a stressful time. He was always just an email or phone call away and walked me through each step of the legal process. Rather than being scared and unsure, I felt confident that I was taking the right steps to address my situation both legally and personally. Ray helped me to obtain the best possible outcome and to get my life back on track. I cannot recommend him highly enough. I will always keep his card with me so I can share it with anyone that may need help in the future. A Client -

Raymond Cassar outstanding
Raymond Cassar took control of our son's case involving 2 counts of sexual misconduct with a minor after our first attorney's handling went awry. It was a complicated case involving our son who is 23 yr with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers Syndrome and the social capability of an 11 yr. old. After many months of mishandling with the first attorney, we scrambled to find a more appropriate defense. As we consulted with a couple of attorneys who were intricately involved with the book, Autism Sexuality and the Law, we were referred to Raymond Cassar. We met with Ray for at least a couple of hours the next morning and by the afternoon, Ray had visited with our son in jail and called us upon his return. Ray rolled up his sleeves the morning we met him and literally immersed himself into our situation, all the while taking a personal interest in our entire family. Ray provided us with a feeling of confidence and peace of mind that whatever could be done he would do. He met with our son again prior to sentencing. His preparation for the sentencing was intensive and he stayed in contact with us along the way giving us valuable advice and counsel. It was apparent that he truly had a heart for the disabled and misguided souls of the world. His advice and guidance were invaluable. On the day of sentencing, Ray stood next to our son, who made a heartfelt apology to all and accepted his punishment. Ray faced off with the prosecutor prior to the hearing and stood his ground. He continued this approach in front of the Judge. Ray was able to keep things under control and the sentencing went as well as we could expect. Our son is accepting his sentence in a positive light. Ray promises to visit our son in the future as well.

Ray Cassar is indeed a consummate professional who was able to calm us and assure us of a secure outcome to a messy situation. He always listened to us and answered our questions honestly. He gave us hope in our desperation. We only wish that we could have found him at the very beginning of this ordeal. His ownership of our predicament was a 180 degree improvement from the way we started out. It was reassuring to find a professional like Ray Cassar who was not only outstanding in the handling of the proceedings, but also included his compassionate approach with our son and gave assurance and peace of mind to us all. Every time we met with Ray or spoke to him on the phone, he lifted us up with his positive, informative approach. With Ray Cassar on our side, there were no surprises. Our input was always welcomed and considered. In his preparation he always prepared us for what was ahead and always took a solid foothold for the best outcome. We will be forever indebted to Ray Cassar and want others to know that if you get Ray involved, he will always be on your side and will always be there for you. Laura and Mark C -

Compassionate Attorney
If you want a competent, caring, and compassionate attorney, Raymond Cassar is the right attorney. He has his client's best interests at heart and is very effective at getting great results. I am impressed with the results he obtained for us, and I highly recommend him. A Client -

Raymond Cassar- The Best
When we first approached Mr. Cassar we were nervous. We received his name and phone number from a friend of a friend who knew him well. From the very first meeting I felt so comfortable with him and his staff and felt like we already knew each other. He was great and so reassuring . He was always on time for the 3 times we had to appear in court and just had a way to put us at ease. I also want to point out that he made us feel like family. I would most absolutely recommend Mr. Cassar if I know of anyone that would be in need of his services. Lisa -

Consulted with Mr. Cassar
I sought out and met with Mr. Cassar for an analysis of a legal situation. Mr. Cassar was extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and well qualified. I highly recommend him. A Client -

Mr. Cassar was my attorney through the darkest and scariest time of my life. He was the light that got me through. Not only is he a great attorney, EVERYONE knows him and loves him. Judges respect him and other attorneys respect him with good reason; He's honest and very knowledgeable. I hired him because other people I knew loved him. From the moment I met him I knew I was in good hands. Not only did he walk me through this whole mess, he recommended a health facility that got my whole life back on track. Mr. Cassar is not only the best attorney you could hire, he's the only one should even consider hiring.he helped save my life and my future.

He saved my future as medical student. God Bless Him. Abby -

Consulted with Mr. Cassar
He saved my future with fraud charges. I recommend him to any difficult case. The Name Raymond A. Cassar is more than enough to scare any prosecutor. -

Ray is the best Lawyer in Michigan PERIOD! Ray helped my wife deanna with her 2nd dui and did great job limiting penalties to a minimum , also he has been GREAT with my brother , kurt needed a miracle after a repeat dui and with ray by his side he got one , ray will always be my lawyer thats for sure best around by a mile Jeff -

I contacted mr cassar about my pending legal case, unlike other lawyers, who within a few seconds of speaking with them asked "how much money do I have" , Mr Cassar spoke with me about my concerns, answered all of my questions and gave me good advice on what I should do. He let me explain without interrupting me unlike most lawyers who apparently give you free advice but do not give you the time unless you are going to hire them. mr Cassar, listened without interrupting me, asked me the pertinent questions and offered some sound advice. There are so many lawyers out there and trying to chose one who will have an interest in your case, is very hard, but from my experience calling umpteen lawyers, you need to speak with someone who will initially listen to your concerns, I have not found this not to be the case, for the most part, they let you talk for a minute then ask about your financial information! This man let me tell my story, gave me advice and expected nothing in return. If you need a lawyer who really cares, please call Mr cassar, I just happened upon him whilst surfing the internet and after being disgusted by other lawyers attitudes, this man really helped me address my problems. He is a definite ten, and unfortunately for me, he is out of my area otherwise I would fire my lawyer and hire him despite the expense of changing lawyers. Katherine -

Mr. Cassar is not only a knowledgable lawyer, but a decent, caring individual. He made sure our family felt confident and reassured before, during, and after our court dates. He definitely kept us informed. We felt that if we needed him, he would rearrange his schedule to be there. His firm answered their phone personally, and took care of business in a very professional manner. Previous Client -

Raymond Cassar Is an incredible lawyer, counselor, and negotiator. There simply are not enough superlatives to describe his skills as a criminal defense attorney. Mr. Cassar accepted the case that began with a signed confession to multiple felonies, and successfully negotiated with the prosecutors, convincing them of the validity of extenuating circumstances, a probation agreement that is giving my son a second chance at life. Not only did Mr. Cassar perform a near legal miracle, but he also helped my son get back on track educationally, and professionally. I cannot possibly thank Mr. Cassar enough for what he has done for my son, my family, and for me. Peter -

I hired this firm to represent me in a misdemeanor case, and they were professional, responsive and effective. I couldn't have been happier with the results. Previous Client -

When a good person does something bad they need a law firm that can help guide a client through the worst of times during the criminal process. Understanding the law is only part of the process, Ray's firm understands the emotional impact the legal system has on a client and his/her family. Ray's firm is very well equipped with experience to predict and manage outcomes during the criminal process. When in court I was very pleased that his peers highly respected his work, as that goes a long way when trying to build a solid defense case. Ray's firm helped to save my life and for that I am forever grateful. Oakland County Felon -

When our son was charged with sexual offenses related to files found on his computer, we didn't have the first idea of how to evaluate an attorney. A work-related connection led us to Ray Cassar; a quick phone call and our son had a no-fee consultation appointment the very next day. Long story short (and much like the other testimonials posted here), we feel incredibly fortunate that we found Ray and Rahm.

At all times we KNEW that Ray and his staff were committed to helping our son work through this challenge and *come out a better person.*

Our son had a combination of chance, poor decisions and bad luck which brought him to federal charges. Ray listened and guided our son to reflect on his actions, own responsibility for them, and seek therapy to understand them. Ray did not minimize the significance of the offenses, nor did he excuse our son, but he and his staff worked tremendously hard to find case law that would mitigate the resulting sentence. Although currently serving time, we're confident our son received the best outcome possible under the circumstances: instead of 10+ years, he is 20% done with a 24-month incarceration (hopefully less).

The steps our son went through and the introspection he was compelled to perform have been very positive and have already been beneficial to his outlook and determination to learn from the experience and live up to his potential. Aside from the fact that he pled guilty and must live with the results of his actions in a very public way, this could be considered a growth experience for him.

We know that this is the best payment Ray, Rahm and their entire legal team wish for. Every contact with the Law Offices of Raymond Cassar was full of respect, hope and belief that the best was what would happen for our son. They're personally interested in him, our family, and his/our future. We continue to stay in contact.

If you are reading this review because you or someone you love is faced with criminal charges, we know you won't be sorry you called Ray Cassar. Good luck! Catherinet -

My son messed up and was facing some very serious charges. My wife and I were terrified with the prospects of what was going to happen to him. We met with Ray and he immediately helped us relax and feel better. He explained that good people make mistakes and that his goal was to help see us through and make sure that our son was back on the right track. We followed Ray's suggestions to get our son in therapy and treatment; and the Judge was pleased with this when we went in to court for the first time. I am convinced that this is why our son seemed to get a better deal than the rest of the cases that we saw during this process. Ray and his staff were always there for us and either answered, or found the answers, to our questions every time. I can't recommend Ray highly enough. Previous Client -

We contacted Attorney Cassar's office to inquire about our son's CSC 1 charge, to simply ask a few questions. This office went above and beyond our expectations regarding the time they took with us to help us understand the legal process our son was facing and they genuinely cared to ask questions about the overall situation and give us guidance. We were not pressured in any way shape or form by sales tactics to try and get us to retain their firm for representation of our son, that in itself spoke volumes to us. As a result of their genuine care and the legal information and options they provided us during our conversations, we did decide to hire them to just evaluate our son's case so that they can give us a better idea of what our options are. We highly recommend calling this law office with any criminal situation, as hard as it may be to deal with, and see what they have to say. Even if you are not sure if you are ready to retain a private attorney, they will spend some initial valuable and personal time helping you understand your options. As a paralegal in another field of law in another state, I know from experience that the way this office handled our initial inquiry speaks absolute volumes of their mission to help people have a fair process regarding whatever situation they, or their family, are in. Genuine and Helpful, are the best words I can use to convey our experience with this firm. Heather and Tom -

Ray is honest and works hard for his clients. He doesn't just tell you what you want to hear but is honest and delivers, NO EMPTY PROMISES! I have a big family, made a BIGGER mistake, and Ray cared about my wife, my children, my job, my life! I would recommend Ray to anyone that needs an attorney for any reason. Though I hope I never have to hire a lawyer again, if I do, it will be RAYMOND CASSAR! Previous Client -

Ray Cassar is outstanding. His professional demeanor is impeccable and his compassion for his clients is incredible. For someone who has been doing this as long as he has, he is not one bit jaded. He treats his clients with respect and instructs clients as to what to expect prior to court. If Ray says he can get it done, he can. My own experience with Ray over the years has been one of mutual respect and honesty. I am grateful to know that Ray is in "my court" (no pun intended) when I need him. The absolute best. Sue -

Recently my college age son found himself in legal trouble after being picked up for drunk driving. We were panicked and had no idea what to do other than find an attorney. A friend recommended Ray and we could not have made a better choice.

He met with us immediately and assured us we would feel more comfortable after talking with him, which we absolutely did. He treated all of us, especially my son, with respect, was non-judgmental, informative and caring. What struck us the most was in our first conversation he told my son that he not only wanted to help him legally but more importantly help him get on the right path for a successful future. And he really meant it.

Ray is so knowledgeable and spoke to us in a "non-legalese" manner. At each step we felt comfortable and understood what was going to take place. He knows many people in the legal arena; judges, attorneys, law enforcement and is highly respected by all. We could see that each time we went to court.

My son (as were we) was very scared of the consequences of his poor decision. Ray gave him such a sense of comfort that whatever Ray asked of him he did with no resistance even when he said to get into the Brighton Hospital outpatient program. Ray knew that would go a long way in terms of the final legal outcome but more importantly he knew that it would help my son deal with something that could become a much more difficult issue later in life. My son said that he "did not want to let Ray down and would do whatever he said".

Ray did such a great job of minimizing the legal impact but did not take credit; rather he gave it to my son who he said never once deferred responsibility, complained or refused to do something but in fact took everything Ray said to heart. He wouldn't have done that if he didn't fully believe that Ray cared about him and was helping him with more than just the legal matters.

We firmly believe that without Ray this situation would mostly likely have had a much different outcome. It has been life changing from my son. Ray has become more than just our attorney. He has told us and our son that if we ever need him he is just a call away and I know that is true. He has become somewhat of a mentor for my son and I know the relationship will continue. Meg -

First of all, I would like to start off by giving Ray my thanks for a job amazingly done. Ray is not you're typical lawyer. He doesn't treat you as a client, but rather as a friend he has known his entire life. He pushes you to give him your best, not because he wants to look good if your case goes well, but because he wants to see everyone of his clients (what he considers friends) to succeed. He does not just want his clients to succeed in their case, but he wants them to succeed in life. He told me everyday during my case that I was going to go on to do great things in my life and that nothing is going to stop me. On top of being a genuine person who really cares about his clients, Ray is amazingly knowledgeable about the law. He got my DUI reduced to an Impaired Driving charge by getting me to do the right things an example being getting enrolled Brighton Hospital, not just to look good for court, but to help me make necessary changes in my life that I hadn't even noticed needed to be changed. Along with that great feat, Ray was also able to move my case through the court at a more than speedy pace. My entire case lasted less than a month.

Overall, Raymond Cassar is not just a great lawyer, he is an amazing person. I consider him a great friend and he is someone I will continue to keep contact with for the rest of my life. If you ever find yourself looking for a great defense attorney, look no more. Ray is the best lawyer that money can buy!

Connor -

Ray Cassar is the genuine article when it comes to legal representation. Not only will you find that he is familiar with the many nuances of the law but he also has a deep personal conviction to provide you with the best possible representation available. From your initial contact you WILL sense that he is compassionate, caring and a straight shooter who will do everything in his power to right your situation. In the sea of lawyers, Ray is a rare individual who has earned my undying respect and admiration not only for his professionalism and legal ability but also because he is a man of integrity and character that is quite uncommon these days. When you need someone pulling on your end of the rope, Ray is definitely the guy want pulling for you. Tim -

Finding good legal services is very difficult, especially when you're not familiar with this sort of thing. My nephew was in trouble for the 3rd time - in both other cases, we hired lawyers that seemed to want the quickest, least difficult result - they were also not the most responsive, rarely spent time with us, and did not explain the legal situation very well. We always felt we should have had better support but didn't know where to turn. A friend of mine who is a lawyer outside of Michigan did some research for us, and found Ray on the Super Lawyer list. After we had one call with Ray, and after he met with my nephew, our decision was made. My nephew didn’t want anyone else to represent him - he connected with Ray, respected and trusted him. Ray not only provides the most professional legal services, he and his office sincerely care about their clients. They all went above and beyond, and there's no way to thank them enough for the support they provided and also for making us feel more comfortable in the process. I hope we never need legal services again, but if we did there's no question we would go back to them. I highly recommend Ray's office to anyone who is looking for the most experienced, professional and supportive legal team available. Previous Client -

I had a situation come up that I never thought I would be involved in, I was horrified and embarrassed. Ray was the third lawyer that I consulted. He settled me down and talked to me with concern and understanding. He explain what was going on and what the different outcomes could be. Ray asked important questions and got to the facts quickly and efficiently. He was able to explain what the next steps would be and what the time table looked like. He was impressive as a lawyer but he was amazing as a life coach. Ray was talking me up like a coach; to be positive, to eat right, to sleep at night, and to enjoy my family. Ray did a great job as a lawyer and cared about me as a person. I am thankful I had him looking out for my best interest. Pat -

I can't say enough about Ray Cassar and his legal team. From the moment you step into his office, you know you can be confident that you will get not just great representation, but a lawyer who is truly there for you and your needs. Unlike some lawyers that seem too busy to speak with you, Ray asks that you contact him whenever you have a question or concern, and he gets back to you promptly. You never feel lost or out of the loop. When you find yourself or a loved one faced with a legal matter, you can't go wrong with Ray Cassar. You'll be very happy you called him. Professor P -

I had some very serious legal problems in my early and mid 20s and hired Raymond Cassar twice. In both cases it seemed as though I was destined for prison, and both times Mr. Cassar and his firm were able to structure a plea deal that was acceptable to the prosecutor and kept me out of prison. They are extremely knowledgeable and you will not find attorney that is more dedicated to criminal defense. When I was charged with my second, third, and fourth felony (2nd time arrested on 3 new drug charges) and still on probation from the first time I was arrested 2 years earlier, I was so sure I was going to jail that I did not even call a lawyer at first because I did not want to waste the money. When my parents found out about the charges they insisted I call Ray. After my initial appearance in court Raymond Cassar and Darrell Wood were able to negotiate a deal with the prosecutor that essentially extended my probation. It has been nearly five years now since I was arrested the second time and I have totally changed my life around. I got married, had 2 children that are my world, and started 2 small businesses. I truly believe without Ramond Cassar and his law firm in my corner I would still be in prison today. I could not recommend them highly enough. Brandon -

I would give this law office 100 stars if I could. We were referred to Ray by a trusted attorney friend, when our son made a bad choice that could have severely affected his future and our family for many years to come. In shock and devastation we arrived at Ray's office, and were immediately absorbed into their comforting "family". From the moment they took our son's case, we were overwhelmed by the caring and support, not to mention the legal expertise that came from everyone in their firm. Daryl Wood handled much of the day-to-day proceedings and contact, and I can honestly say that we were never "out of touch" with him. Daryl and Ray are the consummate attorneys, in every sense; because of their experience and respected relationship with the court personnel and police involved, they were able to achieve an outcome we had prayed for but never thought possible. I could never say enough about this law firm, and if you look anywhere else for an attorney when in need, you will be losing the best representation you could possibly have. Sunny -

I was referred to Ray by two Attorneys I known for several years when I son made a mistake. He exceeded my expectations on every level, turning a negative situation into a valuable learning experience for my son. Ray -

Had very tough situation in Detroit and was living out of town. Ray was our miracle worker and worked through a tough situation. Was a perfect mix of integrity, compassion and intelligent work. Thoroughly satisfied with his work. Leslie -

Mr. Cassar has represented a sibling of mine on several charges in both District and Circuit Court. He came highly recommended from a trusted friend and well-respected family law Attorney who worked with him while practicing criminal defense presence commands respect be it from court staff, fellow attorneys, judges, and the often times over reaching police and prosecutors. Ray is one of 2 criminal defense attorneys locally who I would unwaveringly recommend to anyone seeking top notch representation Previous Client -

Mr Cassar is smart, kind, and absolutely the best lawyer you can have. I trusted him with my life, and he gave it back to me

If winning truly matters, choose Raymond Cassar. He is my lawyer and now my friend. He did not judge me, and he is very easy to talk to because he truly cares. William -

Ray helped me with a felony larceny case in Oakland County. I thought that I was going to rot in Oakland County Jail because I did have a long record of driving while license suspended & convictions from when I was a minor. I was told to go to Ray from a family friend who is an attorney. When I first met him I knew I was making the right decision. He went out of his way to talk to prosecutors and police officers to try and help me and get the charges dropped. Unfortunately he wasnt able to but he never stopped trying. Every time I went to court with him, he knew at least 5 people and was very respected. Ray got me the best deal he possibly could and put out a few fires for me on the way. He has also represented me on violations which were not easily smoothed over but he got me exactly what I wanted & my probation wasn't extended and no jail time. I will always tell people to go to Ray if they are in trouble. Previous Client -

Ray represented me a long time ago but I am still benefitting from his excellent representation. Back in college I was involved in a fist fight with a guy who punched a woman in the face. After the incident the police arrived and it turned out to be the small town jerk and the judge's son. I was facing 4 counts 2 felonies on my first offense of my life. My parents called Ray and he was able to get everything down to one misdemeanor, anger management, probation, with the ability to expunge all of it 5 years later! I now have a professional career and would not be able to without Ray. Pete -

After preliminary hearing, my 1st attorney was unable to dismiss the case and I ended up with an additional capital felony charge. I was devastated and worried that I would be locked up for many years and not be able to watch my kids to grow up. My wife contacted our good friend who knows someone in the judicial system. She recommended Ray Cassar who is a well respected attorney by many judges and prosecutors. We met several times to discuss the case, each time he actively listen to my concerns and provided me his non-biased (no sale pitch) legal view. He was very genuine and cared me and my family. Once I detained Ray to represent me in court, he was very effective in handling my case. I witnessed the respect he received from the judge and prosecutor(s). He was able to get the misdemeanor plea in exchange for (1) capital felony, (1) felony and (1) misdemeanor from the prosecution office. His top notch legal defense and the ability articulate the justice of my case. It was no luck. It is Ray and his team that did it all!

Again, your continued positive support, reinforcement and encouragement really moved me through these difficulty times. Without you and your team's hard work and top notch legal defense, I would not be able to reconnect with my family and move on with my normal life - working father and support my family. I am able to restore my pride! Previous Client -

Scared, frightened and unsure what to do, I was given Mr. Cassar's number from a trusted friend. I had planned on interviewing a couple of attorneys but after meeting with Ray, it became clear that my friend had done me a huge favor. Ray and his staff worked diligently to calm me down, explain the legal situation and the potential consequences and get my mind back on track. I was falsely accused of a Criminal Sexual Crime that would devastate me and my family if I was unable to prove my innocence. Despite an eyewitness account contrary to the allegations, it still remained a risk to go to trial. Ray believed in me and so did his staff. There is a world of difference when you have an attorney that is fighting for you rather than just taking your money and putting you "through the process".

There is a reason Ray is successful at what he does. He has people skills beyond belief. I cannot say enough about Ray or his staff nor can I thank my friend enough. I can tell you that if you are perusing the web in search of a GREAT Criminal Defense Attorney, then you have found one in Ray Cassar. Previous Client -

Mr. Cassar really listened to my problem then helped me out alot. He worked really hard on my case and got me even better results than I thought I could get. When I went to his office I felt good because it is full of awards and stuff. Now I know why. The judge and the prosecutor seemed to respect him and he really knew what he was talking about. He kept me from getting scared and he was a good price to. I hope I never need a criminal lawyer again but if I do I would call him right away. Previous Client -

We just want to thank you for everything and congratulate on your accomplishment on our son's behalf. He's personally in a much better place that he has been. Thank you again. You really are our angel. Ellen -

Thank you again for all of your help. I am very grateful that I found a wonderful law office. You guys did a great job! Amy -

I don't think I could have gotten through it all without your help and making me feel comfortable. Mary Lou -

I cannot thank you enough for helping me get through this court situation. For once I feel extremely confident that I can turn my life around and I owe a lot of it to you and your dedication to my case Aaron -

I would like to thank you again for all of your help with my son. I was able to understand the whole process a lot better because of your patience. Colleen -

You are the man, my friend and you deserve all the accolades that anyone (and I'm sure everyone) sends your way. You literally gave my son his life back. Jim -

We wanted to say thanks again for the terrific job. Your appearance made things go so much easier! Dennis -

I think you're the greatest attorney ever! Lucas -

I was referred by an attorney that I have known for several years. The firm exceeded my expectations on every level, turning a negative situation into a valuable learning experience. John -

I had a very tough situation in Detroit while I was living out of town. The firm was our miracle worker and worked through a tough situation. They were the perfect mix of integrity, compassion and intelligent work. Leslie -

Mr. Cassar is a caring man whose presence commands respect, be it from court staff, fellow attorneys, judges and the often time over reaching police and prosecutors. Ray is one attorney I would unwaveringly recommend to anyone seeking top notch representation. Ryan -

Mr. Cassar is a smart, kind, and absolutely the best lawyer you can have. I trusted him with my life, and he gave it back to me. If winning truly matters, choose Raymond Cassar. He is my lawyer and now my friend. He did not judge me, and he is very easy to talk to because he truly cares. William -

Ray got me the best deal he possibly could and even put out a few fires for me on the way. He also represented me on violations which were not easily smoothed over but he got me exactly what I wanted and my probation wasn't extended and no jail time. I will always tell people to go to Ray's firm if they are in trouble. Kyle -

The firm represented me a long time ago but I am still benefiting from their excellent representation. Pete -

I retained Ray to represent me and he was very effective in handling my case. I witnessed the respect he received from the judge and prosecutor. His top notch legal defense and the ability to articulate the justice of my case was no luck. Ray and his team did it all! A Previous Client -

Scared, frightened and unsure what to do, I was given Mr. Cassar's number from a trusted friend. I had planned on interviewing a couple of attorneys but after meeting with Ray, it became clear that my friend had done me a huge favor. Ray and his staff worked diligently to calm me down, explain the legal situation and the potential consequences and get my mind back on track. Ray believed in me and so did his staff. There is a world of difference when you have an attorney that is fighting for you rather than just taking your money and putting you "through the process." I cannot say enough about Ray or his staff nor can I thank my friend enough. A Previous Client -

Dear Ray,
We want to thank you for all your help this past month. Your support, kindness, care, and expertise was greatly appreciated. No one ever expects to be in a situation in which one has to have legal representation. We are so grateful that you took such good care of us and were able to resolve the situation with the best possible outcome for our son.

Thank you again for everything.

With love and Gratitude, KL -

I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me. Your words supported me and my family and got us through. You are an incredible person!

From my family to yours.

Happy Holidays. Brad -

Dear Ray,
From the moment I stepped into your office, I knew you would be the one to help me realize my mistake, and provide me peace of mind when I needed it the most. For this, and being able to have my freedom back and spending time home with my family. I will never be able to thank you enough. Alex -

Dear Ray,
Thank you for letting me believe in lawyers! You're a class act and I hope you never change!
Good luck!
God Bless

As I celebrate one year of sobriety, I just want to reach out and thank you for everything with my case this year. Your patience and reassurance throughout the process really meant a lot to my mom and I. I am so full of gratitude - there are simply no words!
Best Wishes, David -

I cannot thank you enough for the time you took to go over the matter with Rochelle and Josh. As always your professionalism and candor was evident. You were always such a great friend to me as a young attorney.and you still are. If ever I do anything to return the favor, just ask. I will update you throughout the process and do my best to keep it moving in a positive direction.

Thank you again for your kindness and assistance. Lisa-

Dear Ray,
I would like to thank you and your firm for the excellent job as my criminal defense lawyer. This crime was a deviation from my normal character and your firm played a critical role in helping me maintain my focus through the trial process while getting therapy. My criminal charges were very shameful and your firm NEVER looked down on me during visits and in most cases supported me so I could survive the long legal process. The emotional and legal obstacles were overwhelming and you always seemed to know the right answer. The experience you brought to the table is what makes you and your team the BEST. The reputation you have built in Michigan is something to be proud of.

As a part of my gratitude, I have completed a survey with AVVO and attached a client letter that you are welcome to share with other clients that are in the same situation. Your wisdom was helpful and something I tried to communicate in my letter for others to understand. As you get new clients they hopefully would appreciate my letter at a difficult decision making time in their life (picking the right lawyer). Please let me know if you ever need a reference.

Hey Sam,
I just wanted to say thank you again for everything you did for me this year. The experience of going through Dawn Farm inpatient helped me immensely. I learned coping skills that work, I talked with the best counselors I have ever met with, and I made lifelong friends. I've been sober for over 3 months now and I feel great about it. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to get better.

The minute we called the office, Ray got right on the phone with my husband, and was able to see our son the next day in jail. He spent a lot of time with him, he understood the challenges we were up against.

His knowledge of the system was exactly what we needed. It was a long process but Ray and his team where there for us the whole way. Ray actually go through to our son, which nobody could. It was a tough case; it involved legal incapacitation and incompetence, but Ray never gave up he really helped us and our son through hard times.

I know we will recommend Ray! Chris-

Thank you Ray!
My wife and I sincerely appreciate everything you have done to help our daughter and us through this difficult year. You have given from the heart and we will never forget it. You embody what a dedicated attorney should be. We feel foolish for listening to other and not hiring you to represent our daughter this time around. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for going well beyond what we could ever expect in giving her hope, strength, and courage to face and conquer the challenges hand hurdles of the past year! Best Wishes! -

Thank you so deeply on many levels. I am not as worried (I was terrified) as I was. I feel brighter days are ahead. My son is well on his way to happiness and stability. As I have said to you before, your guidance to my son has been a blessing. Thank you, Ray. We will keep you posted on our journey. Best always-

Charlie just passed his 60 days clean benchmark! He even requested and received extended time in his IOP and is fully committed (for the first time in his life) to AA and the process of recovery. He seems very happy and his outlook is very positive.

Please tell Ray to never give up his faith in people. It makes such a great difference in so many people's lives, and my son is a great example of it. I know you share Ray's sentiments and we would never have made it as far as we have without you guys. I can't thank you enough.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your work with my case. I know you went above and beyond and your team was very generous to me. It is certainly the most difficult situation I have been in and it means the world that you believe in me and the person I am. I look forward to a successful life ahead and all the great days to come with my little girl.

God Bless and Thank you again. Adam-

Thank you for helping me with the "little picture" and getting me back on track for the "big picture."

Best Wishes, Eric-

I want to take you for going to bat for me with Judge Law regarding the probation's recommendations. You are a good man who genuinely cares about people and I am lucky to have you represent me. Thank you again.


Hi Sam!

I appreciate ALL you have done for my son and for our family. Thank you for your knowledge, skills, guidance, and trust. Although we've known each other for a short time, you didn't just treat us like a "client" but treated us like family. That speaks volumes! You've always been accessible' we've been able to open & honest, share thoughts & opinions. Although my son has to do a short amount of jail time, it's better than years in a prison system, and I'm forever grateful & I'm sure he is too! I wish you all the best and big kudos to you & your staff for assisting all of us through this minor set back.

Hey Ray,
I want to thank you so much for guiding me through this tough situation these past few weeks. Having someone as experienced and successful as you on my side eased my mind during this process immensely. I am beyond relieved that this is now settled and in the past. I was told you are on vacation and am hoping you are enjoying it seeing as you probably don't get much time off. I could not wait until next week to thank you which is why I sent this email today. Have a great week!



Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time out of your always crazy busy scheduled to talk with Carl and to us!

If anyone would be able to make an impact on this "teaching moment" it would be the conversation you had with Carl "one on one" - As you said we have been talking to Carl for YEARS about this very issue and as you can see, not to mention the classes they've taken in school regarding the dangers of drugs and alcohol, it didn't prevent his bad decision making.

Brad and I have taken your advice, will make some phone calls, and come up with a plan.

I will survive the teen years with friends like you! We are blessed to have met you 11, going on 12, years ago.

With deepest thanks and appreciation, Terri -

From my perspective, because you immediately draw your clients close to you, you are able to set all of us at east, you have an infectious sense of humor - yet, I know you are tough as nails when necessary. My friend, a year ago I would have thought it crazy to think that I would ever be swept up in the challenges I have been introduced to. I never knew what the accused and convicted feel - and I was probably rather quick in my own personal "rush to judgement." This experience has transformed me more than I can express. The months have been a struggle, yet, in some strange way, this has been an enormous blessing. I continue to learn incredible lessons from you and your team - indeed, I feel blessed to consider this incredible team my dear friends!

My heartiest congratulations to you for a most deserved honor. May you be blessed with many more! You have my utmost respect and love!

When my friends and I needed legal counsel, we were blessed to be represented by Ray and his very competent legal defense team. Ray and his team are compassionate, tenacious, detailed, and always consider their clients' interests paramount. They fight for their clients. We were treated as family, our many questions were answered with truthfulness, empathy, and understanding. Even our international phone calls were treated with immaculate care. I have come to welcome Ray Cassar and his esteemed team as my "family" and I can only recommend this legal defense firm to anyone seeking legal counsel. They will fight to help those in need, they always show compassion, they fight for each of us, and they always demonstrate their sincere concern for those of us who suffer and need counsel. Thank you, Ray. I will always advise anyone in legal jeopardy to seek your advice!

Thank you for doing such an amazing job at my hearing yesterday. I don't know if I expressed how grateful I was yesterday because I was trying to process everything after not sleeping or eating much this last week. Thanks again, Sam. Your work ethic and professionalism are an inspiration to me. My dad was very impressed with how well you handled my case too. I want to prove you right for believing in me. Thank you!

Thanks for everything, Sam! You really saved me! I am confident there won't be a next time but if anyone I know ever has problems in Michigan, I'll send them your way. My parents are so relieved and thankful as well.

Each and every client that I send to you reports back to me with praise for your abilities, professionalism and results. They all thank me for referring to you.

Keep up the good work.