Defending Special Needs Clients

Michigan Special Needs Criminal Defense Lawyers

When a person charged with a crime suffers from autism, Down syndrome or another form of cognitive impairment, his or her defense lawyer must fully understand the circumstances to adequately perform in court. These vulnerable and impressionable members of society need extremely strong advocates to help them from being completely run over by the criminal justice system.

The fact is, many police officers, prosecutors and even defense attorneys do not understand what these impairments mean and how they affect actions. Unless someone is deemed certifiably insane, he or she will be charged like anyone else, regardless of his or her cognitive ability.

Many parents are overwhelmed and don’t know how to handle these situations. Because we have worked on them for years, we are ready to provide the needed expertise to reach an ideal resolution.


If you or a loved one has special needs and has been charged with a crime, we strongly encourage you to get in touch immediately. Our attorneys have represented many individuals with special needs, and we understand how these cases are different than most. We have the comprehensive knowledge, the compassion and patience that is absolutely necessary to help special needs clients.

The clients and their families are relying on us, and we readily accept this responsibility and are ready to do everything we can to protect the rights of those with special needs. We encourage you to get in touch with our office so we can help right away.

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