Professional License Issues

Criminal Charges And Professional Licenses In Michigan

Everyone charged with a crime faces obvious consequences, including potential jail/prison time, fines and a tarnished record. Certain professionals, however, face a unique set of issues. Depending on their vocation, professionals may need to schedule a hearing before a professional board to address their charge. These professionals include:

  • Doctors
  • Accountants
  • Nurses
  • Teachers
  • Social workers
  • Attorneys

Each type of these professions has specialized hearings to determine the character of the individual, his or her trustworthiness and whether or not he or she is capable of performing without transgressing in the future.

If you have been charged and need to appear before a professional board, your livelihood is at stake. We are ready to take more than a quarter century of experience in these hearings to put together the strongest case in the pursuit of advocacy and your success.


Because the cornerstone of our defense is in preparation, there is no professional hearing for which we are not prepared. Raymond Cassar commands credibility, having appeared before these boards many times in the past. Board members know the level of preparation and dedication he brings to the table and are often willing to work with him. This makes him unique among his peers.

He is able to prepare any and all people testifying to make them the best witness at the hearing.

In addition, the firm is familiar with Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) issues and will attempt to structure a resolution of criminal charges to allow you to continue to drive commercially if this is your vocation.

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