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When a child is charged with a crime, he or she is in a particularly vulnerable situation. During developmental periods, adolescents frequently make mistakes that they regret in the long run. It is important that their future is not completely destroyed based on one mistake or one bad decision.

If your child has been charged with a juvenile crime, it is important to realize that a juvenile criminal record is just as permanent as an adult record. Further, a juvenile adjudication can be used against a person if he or she is ever charged with a crime as an adult. Common juvenile offenses include:

With the advent of smartphone technology and the widespread use of the Internet by juveniles, our attorneys have seen a marked increase in child pornography charges issued against young clients. Michigan law prohibits the possession of pornographic images of a minor. A minor is defined by law as anyone under the age of 18. Thus, a pornographic image shared between a girlfriend and boyfriend who are under the age of 18 can result in a very serious felony. Further, sharing such an image with others can increase the charge from possession of child pornography to the more serious charge of distribution.

Another scenario becoming more and more common is the charge of possession of child pornography against a juvenile as a result of downloading images from the Internet or from file-sharing programs. A young person who lacks the knowledge and impulse control of an adult likely doesn’t think of the negative ramifications of viewing or possessing such images.

Frequently, law enforcement officials will monitor file-sharing sites and obtain the IP addresses of those sharing suspected child pornography. A search warrant is then issued and criminal charges are filed based on what is found on the computer’s hard drive. These cases may also be charged on a federal level.

If a loved one has been charged with a juvenile offense, we are ready to do everything possible to protect his or her future by defending his or her rights.


Having worked on these issues for decades, our attorneys know how stressful they can be for parents. We will bring our aggressive approach to discovery and litigation to attack any weakness in the prosecution’s case. We will do everything possible to keep your child off the sex offender list, keep his or her record clean and keep all future opportunities open. We encourage you to reach out as soon as possible.

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