White Collar Crimes

Michigan White Collar Crime Lawyer

In the vast majority of cases, white collar crimes are prosecuted federally.

White collar crimes are defined by the United States Department of Justice as, “non-violent illegal activities which principally involve traditional notions of deceit, deception, concealment, manipulation, breach of trust, subterfuge or illegal circumvention.” These are serious felony offenses that destroy a professional life and can result in years of prison time.

If you or a loved one is accused, involved or being contacted by police in connection with white collar criminal investigation, it is critical to protect your rights as soon as possible. These cases are long and immensely complicated. As a result, the immediate period after a charge is brought (or during investigations) is key.

The process of investigating a white collar crime may continue for months or years, putting everyone involved at risk. In the early stages of an investigation, acting without a lawyer means running the risk that you may say or do something that could later damage your case.


Our team has reached significant success in decades of work on white collar criminal cases. We are ready to bring our comprehensive knowledge to aggressively defend in any white collar case, including those involving:

We are able to represent clients at both the state and federal level and will do everything we can to mitigate all consequences or work toward a dismissal. We have effectively represented many people in federal criminal trials throughout the 6th Circuit of the federal court. Not all criminal defense attorneys have experience in federal court. Our team of federal criminal defense attorneys has experience as criminal trial attorneys in the federal courts, readying us to litigate when necessary.

Trust it to the Michigan federal criminal defense team with a reputation for integrity, grit and determination throughout the federal criminal justice system.

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