Money Laundering

Michigan Federal Money Laundering Defense Attorneys

Although money laundering charges can involve a wide range of factual scenarios, they typically accompany drug crimes, fraud, white collar crime or public corruption charges to build up a prosecution’s case/charges. These charges are almost always brought by the federal government and last months, if not years, as the defense and prosecution undertake discovery.

This process may include financial transaction monitoring, online activity tracking, tax audits, freezing of accounts or other assets and other huge inconveniences.

It is important to note that the prosecution must prove several elements to reach a conviction involving money laundering, including:

  • There was an attempted or conducted financial transaction that:
    • Involved the proceeds of an illegal activity
    • Was conducted knowing that funds were obtained through illegal activity
    • Was intended to conceal the nature or source of the proceeds

Because of the complexity of these cases and the high-stakes consequences, it is critical to partner with the strongest legal team you can find.


Because our firm has worked on money laundering cases for over a half century, we know the difficulties posed and the long-term consequences they can have. We are ready to put forth the vigorous defense that has helped our clients reach ideal outcomes.

Our attorneys will do everything possible to utilize their professional investigation, negotiation and litigation skills in order to minimize your consequences. You can rely on our honest and upfront representation to show you how all of your options will affect you.

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