Teen In Trouble? You Need An Experienced Juvenile Attorney


In many instances, good teens can make bad decisions and find themselves on the wrong side of the law. Even in a small instance of slipped judgement, teens can land themselves behind bars. Common legal offenses among teens can include bringing weapons to school, shoplifting, or getting in a serious fight.

juvenile crime


The first thing parents often wonder in these situations is what should they do to fix the situation and get their child out of the mess. Today, we’re going to break down what to do in these troubling situations, and how you can get your teen out of trouble:

When Can Police Detain A Juvenile?

A juvenile might get arrested on a count of a misdemeanor offense. But, unlike adults, the police do not have to personally observe a misdemeanor to get the juvenile arrested. The police only need probable cause to believe the act was committed in order to take the teen in custody.

Once police have plausible cause for the arrest, they have several options as to how they will further handle the situation:

  • Release the juvenile with a mild warning or refer him or her to be present at a community agency for counseling.
  • Release the teen with an excerpt to appear before a probation officer for further action.
  • Directly take the teen into custody.

Regardless of what option the officers choose, the teen can not be detained with adult offenders.

What To Do When Your Child Gets Into Trouble With The Law

As soon the child is detained, it is the officer’s sole responsibility to notify the minor’s parents or guardians. As per the law, the juvenile is permitted to make two phone calls. Once you reached the detention faculty, consider the following points:

  • Remain Calm & Silent: The most important thing is to stay calm and not jump to conclusions or don’t think the situation is better or worse then it is. Be respectful to police as cooperation with police can go a long way.
  • Ask For A Lawyer: However, if the child is in custody and asks for a lawyer, the police should not ask him any further questions.

Should You Hire A Juvenile Attorney?

As everyone says, kids will be kids. The road from childhood to adulthood is full of bumps and unexpected turns which can lead to frightening places. However, there is legal help to find the best solution in a given situation.

The law office of Raymond A. Cassar has helped teens and their parents easily navigate the frightening juvenile criminal process in order to mitigate the potential consequences of criminal conviction. As, by getting align with the right representative, one mistake will not follow you for the rest of life.

So, if your child has been cited or arrested in any criminal offence, the skilled and experienced juvenile attorney team at the Law Offices of Raymond A. Cassar work hard and long on your behalf to get your child the most favourable outcome, regardless of how serious the charge may be.

Call Experienced Juvenile Attorney From The law office of Raymond A. Cassar

For  any further information or to schedule an appointment with the juvenile lawyer, please feel free to contact at 248-855-0911.

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