Minor In Possession Of Alcohol In Michigan

Since 1984 the Law Offices Of Raymond A Cassar PLC has represented young adults who have been charged with MIP ( Minor In Possession ) in Michigan.

Michigan has some of the toughest MIP laws in the country. Unlike some other states, Michigan considers MIP a misdemeanor criminal offense.

An MIP can have severe penalties, as well as long lasting effects on your ability to be hired or accepted at schools. If you have been charged with an MIP, call us to find out what your rights are. Our team of attorneys has 40 years of combined experience and will help you through the process.

MIP First Offense Penalties:

  • Heavy fines and long term probation
  • Loss of driving privileges and community service
  • Alcohol counseling and alcohol testing
  • Criminal record visible to public, employers and schools
  • MIP second offense penalties - all of the above plus jail time

A Note To Parents: "Unseen Penalties"

Every teenager makes mistakes. That is part of growing up. But some mistakes are more costly than others and can involve juvenile crimes. Mistakes involving a misdemeanor ( like MIP ) can have costly long term consequences, well after the legal matter has been concluded.

Employers check criminal records before hiring. Young adults with MIPs are less likely to be hired. Considering the lost income this causes, an MIP is more expensive than just the fines. Additionally, many programs and schools deny admission to an applicant with and MIP. Young adults having less education have less earning potential for years to come.

Hiring a lawyer to minimize the effects of your child's MIP pays for itself many times over. The investment you make in attorney fees is an investment in your child's future. A skillful lawyer may avoid a conviction all together, or may enter a plea agreement with a deferred sentence. You may be frustrated or angry with your child for making this mistake. But you also want to help your child minimize the long term negative consequences, so that one mistake doesn't jeopardize their entire future. We care about your child. Call to see what we can do to help your child secure the best possible future, in spite of this one mistake.

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