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Driver’s License Restoration

Restore your Driver’s License in Farmington Hills, MI

When you lose your driver’s license after a DUI, you lose more than just your freedom. You are also stripped of your ability to get to and from work, medical appointments, family functions, and important meetings.

Restoring your driver’s license after a DUI will allow you to regain your life and ability to provide for your family. The Law Offices of Raymond A. Cassar, P.L.C., is a Farmington Hills Criminal Defense firm with a significant record of restoring driver’s licenses through the Michigan DLAD or DAAD appeals process.

Fighting to Get You Back into the Driver's Seat of Your Life

Our team of experienced attorneys works together to represent you through the entire DLAD appeals process. If your license cannot be restored through DLAD, we may be able to help you obtain a hardship driver’s license so you can start to get your life back to normal while you are waiting for your suspension or revocation period to end. We have one of the best license restoration records in Michigan.

If you need your driver's license restored through the DLAD appeals, contact the driver's license restoration lawyers of The Law Offices of Raymond A. Cassar, P.L.C. We have one of the best restoration records in the state.

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Time is critical when facing any criminal charge. To protect your rights and build the best case, you need the right team to help guide you through the legal hurdles set up to take your money, reputation, and freedom. Call us today, and we will help you fight back.

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We Will Guide You Through the Driver’s License Restoration Appeal Process

When you hire our skilled driver's license restoration attorneys, we will walk you through every step of the license restoration process, including:

  • Review your restoration appeals letters to remove inconsistencies
  • Substance abuse evaluations
  • Practice interview sessions before your hearing
  • Representation at hearing

We understand that if you have lost your license, it is difficult for you to travel to our office. Much of the process to reinstate your license can be done over the phone, fax, or email.