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Indecent Exposure Sex Offender Registration Act

Even a Non-Sexual Indecent Exposure Incident Can Result in Sex Offender Registration

Indecent exposure in Michigan is prosecuted with little regard to how it will impact the lives of those convicted. An individual can be convicted of indecent exposure even if the exposure occurs for a non-sexual reason (i.e., urinating in public). Indecent exposure is a misdemeanor offense; however, a second conviction (even decades later) may result in an allegation of sexual delinquency. If you are a repeat offender, you can also be charged with being a Sexually Delinquent Person. This carries a penalty of one day to life in prison. 

Classification as sexually delinquent increases the offense to a felony that carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment as well as registration on the sex offender registry. Because of such a charge’s severity, it is crucial to fight off any indecent exposure charge aggressively. Our Farmington Hills team of sex crime attorneys is prepared to help you do that.

Depending on your criminal charge’s circumstances, we can look at all factors to either work toward a dismissal or mitigate consequences through negotiation.

It is Critical That You Begin Fighting an Indecent Exposure Charge as Soon as Possible to Protect Your Reputation

If you or a loved one has been charged with indecent exposure or another crime under Michigan’s Sex Offender Registration Act (SORA), it is critical to defend against it aggressively.

SORA has a three-tier structure. Depending on aggravating factors and which tier you end up on, you may be facing between 15 years and life on the sex offender list. Being a registered sex offender is devastating, both personally and professionally. Many lawyers shy away from these types of cases because they do not understand the complexity of SORA guidelines. Our attorneys are deeply knowledgeable about SORA and have lectured about the sex offender registry to teach other attorneys how to protect their clients from its far-reaching consequences.

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What the SORA Tier Classifications Are, and How They Can Affect Your Future

In addition to the criminal penalties imposed for a sex crime conviction, registration on the Sex Offender Registry is also required.

All registrable offenses are categorized into one of three separate Tiers:

  • Tier I: Registration for 15 years (nonpublic)
  • Tier II: Registration for 25 years (public)
  • Tier III: Lifetime registration (public)

Along with the individual tier creations, the recent changes to the Sex Offender Registry List (SORA) enable certain convicted sex offenders to avoid the registration requirement altogether or have their registration period reduced. It is critical to choose an attorney that thoroughly understands the requirements of SORA as well as the avenues available to avoid registration.

SORA is so extremely complicated that many judges and lawyers are relying on seminars and colleagues for guidance. Our office has painstakingly reviewed the current version of the legislation and are ready to help our clients take advantage of the changes.