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Quick Tips from Ray

Quick Tips from Ray - Law Offices of Raymond A. Cassar, PLC - quicktip1

Stress of Dealing with
the Pandemic
For all of my friends on LinkedIn who are feeling the stress of dealing with this pandemic for almost a year, try finding a few minutes each day to exercise. I am not the exercise king, but I do know that even a few minutes every day helps clear the haze. The days begin to blur together, but stimulating some positive endorphins with a bit of exercise definitely makes you less grumpy. Or, you can watch the news every night and see what a boost that gives you. Make a change, even a small one and see if it works. "Nothing ventured nothing gained."

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We All Need a Good Distraction

If you think flying a drone is cool, think about this. Mars is 125.4 million miles away and tomorrow (Thursday, February 18th) the U.S. will land a really advanced Rover on Mars just before 4:00pm EST. The Perseverance Rover is equipped with super advanced audio and visual equipment. It also has a cool helicopter that will scout the planet, too. Watching this event will be more exciting than sledding down a hill on a college lunch tray in your shorts.

Yes, distractions are necessary to keep us sane during crazy times, but we also need to persevere when things are tough. This incredible landing on Mars reminds all of us about the amazing things our country can do, but more importantly, it inspires our children to dream big! #countdowntomars #Perseverance #nasapersevere #NASA

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Teenagers + Boredom = Trouble

A little advice from a criminal defense attorney:

If you are a parent of a teen you know that he or she is way smarter than you when it comes to the internet. With the schools closed, we have some very bored teens. Anyone want to guess what happens when a teen is bored? Yep! They go looking for trouble… and some find it.

As parents, we cannot check on our teens 24/7, but we can do some things to get them to think twice before they make a bad decision that will stay on the internet forever.

  1. If they have decided their closed bedroom is where they want to live 23 hours a day, 7 days a week, knock on the door and bug them from time to time. This will let them know, at any time you could pop in.
  2. Remind them how much faith you have in their good decisions and also mention that you check their internet history routinely.
  3. Pay them to go outside for one hour or to do some chores.
  4. Ask them what they want for dinner and then pay them to help you make it.

We cannot solve all teen boredom by paying them off, but in small doses, it is probably cheaper than hiring an attorney after they get into trouble :)