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Identity Fraud

Protecting Metro Detroit Residents from False Charges of Identity Theft

If you have been charged with identity theft you should be aware that there are serious consequences if convicted. In many cases, people charged with online credit card fraud, internet identity theft and other charges relating to identity fraud are in serious trouble.

People make mistakes and we are here to help you. Our Farmington Hills based team of defense attorneys are Metro Detroit’s experts on identity theft cases, and we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. These charges can haunt you for the rest of your life.

The Skills and Experience You Need to Beat Your Identity Fraud Case

You will not find criminal defense attorneys who are more committed to helping you through your case and defending against identity theft charges.

Identity Fraud Criminal Defense Lawyer in Michigan - fraud-identity

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Time of essential when facing any criminal charge. To protect your rights and build the best case, you need the right team to help guide you through the legal hurdles set up to take your money, reputation, and freedom. Call us today, and we will help you fight back.

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Identity Fraud Criminal Defense Lawyer in Michigan - fraud-id

There are Many Ways to Commit Identity Theft

Credit card theft, credit card skimming, and phishing attempts which are just a few of the different ways to steal a person’s identity and financial information. Because these generally involve banking and lending institutions, they are generally referred to the United States Attorneys Office for prosecution. If you are being investigated for any of these crimes, call our criminal defense firm today.