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Prescription Fraud

Farmington Hills and Metro Detroit's Leading Defense Attorneys for Clients Facing Prescription Fraud Charges

Medical professionals must exercise care and diligence when prescribing medications. If a medical professional makes a mistake, they may be charged for prescribing medicine that someone did not need or for overcharging for services. Depending on the amount, a medical professional may face a felony charge with consequences of up to a decade in prison.

If you face prescription fraud charges, you must speak to an experienced team of defense attorneys immediately. Taking quick action will help discover the facts surrounding your case and allow us to begin building a defense that restores your reputation and protects your freedom.

Time is Critical When Charged with Prescription Fraud

Charges can also be brought on anyone who uses false information to obtain schedule II narcotics illegally. These charges are most often brought at the federal level as there are special task forces in Detroit to investigate prescription fraud and associated crimes. If you face a prescription fraud charge, it is crucial to begin protecting your rights immediately.

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Time is critical when facing any criminal charge. To protect your rights and build the best case, you need the right team to help guide you through the legal hurdles set up to take your money, reputation, and freedom. Call us today, and we will help you fight back.

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We Have the Experience Fighting Vicodin, Oxycontin, and Other Narcotics Fraud Charges

We have extensive experience working on cases with many common prescription drugs, including Vicodin, OxyContin, Xanax, Seroquel, and all other controlled substances. Whether you are an individual accused of obtaining prescriptions through fraudulent means or a health care provider accused of providing the drugs fraudulently, our attorneys will offer you more than 50 years of combined criminal defense experience to aggressively defend against any charge.