False Accusation of Sexual Assault

Facing False Accusations Of Sexual Assault

False accusations of sexual assault are absolutely devastating to the person who is accused and made worse by the stigma that accompanies this type of case. Many people incorrectly assume that false claims of sexual assault are rare. Unfortunately, people do make false allegations and the ones that are wrongly accused must aggressively defend themselves in order to avoid a conviction.

The difficulty with sexual assault charges is that most people tend to assume that the person is guilty. They forget the presumption of innocence. Our job is to remind everyone that you are presumed innocent. We also are experts in explaining to juries that people do make false claims of sexual assault. The mere accusation of a sex crime is traumatic and can tarnish someone’s personal life, ruin a career and destroy a family. It is important to have a team of experienced sex crime attorneys that understands the devastation false allegations cause and that will vigorously defend your good name and reputation.

If you have been accused of sexual assault, it is crucial to protect your rights and put forth the strongest defense possible. We take our job seriously, and we are here to help you.


Because our lawyers have decades of criminal defense experience, our team understands the gravity of a false sexual assault accusation. Our experience with sex crimes makes us aware of all types of motivations for making a false accusation, including dating, a divorce, a fight or motivation for revenge. Sometimes these types of cases are challenging because substances, like drugs or alcohol, may be involved and the victim’s memories of the event may be hazy. We are able to fuse our comprehensive knowledge with our network of experts to undertake the rigorous discovery necessary to put forth the strongest possible defense.

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