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Rape is the common name for sexual assault. The fact is, a rape charge or even an accusation will directly affect your personal and professional life.

Date rape is frequently defined as nonconsensual sexual contact during a voluntary social engagement where the victim did not intend on sexual contact and resisted it. It is important to note that a victim does not have to physically resist to demonstrate lack of consent — an overly intoxicated person is legally incapable of giving consent.

The nature of sexual assault cases can be difficult for both the prosecution and defense because of “he said/she said” hearsay and conjecture. “Date rape” cases can get even more difficult, however, as “roofies” (rohypnol), alcohol or other substances may be involved and a victim’s memories of the event may be hazy.

If you are being investigated or charged with sexual assault or date rape, protecting your rights at the earliest opportunity is critical, given the stakes.


We are prepared to take over a half century of experience to work to examine any sexual assault or rape charge. We comprehensively investigate each case so that we can thoroughly defend our clients against the prosecution’s claims. Other criminal attorneys refer their sexual assault cases to our firm because they know our outstanding reputation in the legal community.

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