Firearm and Weapons Charges

Weapons, Firearm and Gun Crimes

There are numerous Michigan laws which cover the possession, ownership and criminal activity with respect to guns and weapons.

The Law Firm of Ray Cassar is a strong advocate of gun rights in United States. However, several Michigan and Federal laws makes various conduct associated with weapons and firearms a crime.

Videos on gun safety and Second Amendment issues

The following videos which we have selected are a good source of information regarding gun safety and Second Amendment issues.

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  • Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette
  • No one invades Switzerland
  • The true meaning of the second amendment explained
  • I just shot someone now what?
  • The Right to Keep and Bear Arms-Concealed Carry Explanation

Firearm and weapon crimes, links to statutes, maximum penalties

Offense and Link Maximum Penalty
Armed robbery Life
Possess or transport stolen firearm 10 years
Felon in possession of a firearm 5 years imprisonment
Carrying a concealed weapon 5 years imprisonment
Assault with a dangerous weapon 4 years imprisonment
Possessing firearm during commission of a felony 2 years mandatory & consecutive
Brandishing a firearm in public 90 days
Possessing a firearm on prohibited premises 90 days
Reckless discharge of a firearm 90 days
Intentionally aiming a firearm without malice 93 days
Possessing a firearm while under the influence 93 days
Intentionally discharging a firearm aimed without malice 1 year

We provides immediate representation in the defense of persons charged with any felony or misdemeanor firearm or weapon crime.

We fight for your rights to avoid a conviction and avoid jail!

A person convicted of any felony will lose many rights afforded to United States citizens as well as all rights to own or possess a firearm. In Michigan, it is a felony for a felon to possess a firearm. In addition, a misdemeanor conviction can result in denial of a concealed pistol license and unfairly label the offender as a dangerous person. We approach every case by getting all the pertinent facts and the complete background of our client. By knowing our client and the facts, we formulate sound legal strategies to seek avoidance of a felony conviction, alternative sentencing which can result in dismissal and first offender programs.

The Oakland County criminal defense lawyers at the Law Office of Raymond A. Cassar will provide an aggressive legal defense if you are charged with any felony or misdemeanor crime involving a gun or weapon, including all assault crimes.

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