Domestic Assault Lawyer In Michigan

In Michigan, domestic violence charges are aggressively pursued by most prosecutor’s offices. Recent changes in the law now allow a prosecutor to proceed with criminal charges even if the complainant does not want the case to continue.

Family members, former dating relationships, and even former roommates can be charged with domestic assault. To make the situation even more dire, in almost all instances an officer will make an arrest in any domestic disturbance. This can even include situations where the victim doesn’t want the aggressor arrested. It may have been a neighbor who calls the police simply because he or she overhears an argument that is common in most households. The fact is, if a prosecutor thinks he or she can prove the case, he or she is obligated to move forward.

These cases can take weeks and may prohibit you from going back to the home you share with your spouse, owning a firearm or seeing your children. The inability to own a firearm may mean the end to your employment. In the case of a second offense, it can be charged as aggravated, putting a felony on your record.

We have been working on domestic assault issues for nearly 50 years and are ready to put our experience to work to defend against any charge.


We have arrived at significant success in these cases, either through dismissal or negotiation. We are committed to doing everything we can to examine all details and help you preserve your professional and personal quality of life. We encourage you to get in touch.

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